Nonprofit Organizations

Saed Karajah & Partners are renowned for their legal work in the Non-profit Organizations industry where we act as advisors for clients who have just incepted their idea of a non-profit up to well-established associations, charities, philanthropic foundations, professional societies and other types of nonprofit organizations.

Our Nonprofit Organizations team has developed deep insight as to the needs and requirements of nonprofits and a genuine understanding of the sensitive environment within which such organizations operation. We offer full-range legal services from foreign funding, sponsorship, donors and awards, education and trainings, food programs, housing and infrastructure to abuse and harassment, welfare, refugees, and immigration. We also advise on employment issues, licenses and permits, public policy and regulatory frameworks. 

A sample of our clients include Queen Rania Foundation, Save the Children, the Jordan River Foundation, Oxfam, the Jordanian Women’s Union and Frederich Naumann Foundation.