Our Firm

Sa’ed Karajah & Partners LLP is a leading Jordanian full-service law firm, specialised in corporate law, with an international client base ranging from large corporations to the not-for-profit sector.

At Sa’ed Karajah & Partners LLP we are proud to uphold our commitment to innovation. Since we were founded in 1996 we have always seen our firm as a vehicle for progress. We work on the cutting-edge of the law and we are constantly instructed on some of the most complex legal matters in Jordan. We have been involved in the drafting of Jordanian company, children’s law, and not-for-profit organizations law. We recognize that innovation and progress necessitate holistic advice which takes into account all of our clients’ needs. We don’t just advise – we partner with our clients to offer the best possible guidance. How we do business is just as important to us as doing business at all. Our culture of continuous learning and mentorship means that we can provide the best possible advice to our client. We are proud to have an open-door policy and to be constantly investing in our employees.

Ultimately, our commitment to innovation makes it possible for us to work in the range of sectors that we do – be it corporate law, not-for-profit organizations, energy, entertainment, or the like.

Our vision:

Since we were founded we have maintained a commitment to innovation and have seen our firm as a vehicle for progress. Our multi-disciplinary approach, our expertise in a variety of sectors, and our business acumen means that we can provide a holistic service to our clients. Since we were founded in 1996 by managing partner Sa’ed Karajah, we have upheld a commitment to innovation and have acted for clients such as Walt Disney, Oxfam, the Marriott hotel, and the Jordanian government, in a variety of contentious and non-contentious work. Our experience in these sectors allows us to facilitate communication between our clients and governments, international agencies and global industry leaders.